New York, NY
March 23, 1998

Dear Friends,

When the Russian Independent Music web site first went on-line in July of 1995, its contents represented the state of independent music in Russia more or less accurately. However, since its editor (me) wasn't really living in Russia, and his (my) sources of information were scarce, the site was gradually getting more and more out of sync with reality. New bands came along, old bands disappeared, but the site stayed pretty much the same. For a while, I was hoping to get knowledgable locals to get me fresh news, gossip and other information, but somehow it wasn't happening either... Finally, I started getting bad reviews for this reason, which was fair, but just a little bit annoying given the amount of work I put into this publishing nightmare...

If that sounds like enough excuses already, I'd like to make an announcement. I am going to archive the site and it will still be available at its "new" URL, but I am not going to make any changes or corrections whatsoever. It'll be a snapshot of sorts... You can look at it and see what Russian Indie music was like in the mid-90's.

So, for those interested, please take a look at:

Bookmark the URL, if you want. In the meantime, I am going to stop worrying about updating this lame half-dead site and concentrate on other things, both on and off line, which I hope will turn out to be more lively and entertaining...

If you would like to tell me your opinion on this and/or other things of importance, please do: slava (at)

Take care of yourself and try not to spend too much time in front of your monitor. It's bad for you.

Slava Borisov
former Editor
"Russian Indie Music" site