( outside Russia )


-: Addicted to Noise A well-designed, informative, and interesting E-ZINE. Although ATN is not limited to issues related to indie music only, it still can be considered as one of the major "indie" resources on the Web. Reviews, pictures, news, sound files are abound.

-: Internet Underground Music Archive. A huge collection of sound samples, mostly recorded by "underground" (unsigned) bands. Excellent WEB design. Everything is available in HIGH and LOW BANDWIDTH modes, which is really helpful if you have a slow connection.

-: SonicNet. A pretty cool site with great graphics and lots of interesting things to look at. In particular, they have weekly postings of upcoming shows in NYC, DC, Chicago, LA and Boston, periodic reviews of albums and videos, some permanent sections ("guide to dating","looser's guide to NYC", etc) and more. Highly recommended. [I also like the fact that I work 8 floors above these guys and often run into their independent characters in the elevator.]

-: ManHunt Hip-hop, R&B and rap music, raw and uncut. (This is the off-topic section you are reading, anyway). [For the sake of consistency: to run into Mikael, the webmaster of Manhunt, I won't even have to walk more than 10 feet away from my desk]


-: Internet Music Shop The largest online CD shop in Europe.


-: Regional Indie. Australia, Canada, England, Japan, New Zealand,Russia (the link will bring you back here), Scandinavia, Switzerland, and many regions of the U.S.

-: D&B Boston Music Home Page The best local (Boston) musical web site. Musicians, clubs, FM stations, etc. Check out Boston Globe's on line concert listing. I am not really crazy about the design, but it's useful and informative (for Boston folks).


-: Lush "Lush" is among my favourite bands of all times. They're from UK. 2 female vocalists/guitarists (Miki Berenyi & Emma Anderson) make the band's sound easily recognizable. I am pointing you to a list of fan pages about Lush.

-: Pixies "Pixies" were (arguably) one of the most influential indie bands. This page, thoroughly designed, contains information on their albums + some images, interviews, and lots of related links.

-: Portishead This is a relatively new band from England. Their 1994 album called "Dummy" was evaluated as revolutionizing by many critics. Their 1997 album (which, as a matter of fact, I am listening to right now) is selling so well that guys @ Tower records down the street keep running out of copies.

-: StereoLab The page at imusic is the only decent link I found so far. Well, anyway, Stereolab is one of those bands you have to check out regardless of your stylistic preferences within contemporary rock music. Their sound reminds me of that of Velvet Underground (just a little), and I know they often use some vintage recording gear, although structurally the music is very different. A good portion of lyrics is in French. Personally, I think that "Emperor Tomato Ketchup" is their best album, although the last one ("Dots and Loops"-97) is equally enjoyable.

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