Last modified : August 24, 1996

    -: Mitki Homepage
        The maintainer of the page, Yegor Alexeev, says : "MITKI is or has been a group of young free artists. Most MITKOV were painters and photographers, mixed with a few poets and writers..... MITKI is not a movement you can join and leave. MITKI is a life style. MITKI's lifestyle is difficult to imitate....." etc. Check it out, it's funny !

    =: Moscow WWW Art Centre

    =: Art. Lebedev
        Homepage of Artem Lebedev, one of the few russian digital designers. Also contains some funny and/or useful stuff plus excellent collections of "marazm", palindroms, etc. Overall, the page is very unique, and you are likely to appreciate it... if you have KOI-8 installed on your computer. Not to discourage you from checking it out, though - a good portion of it is in English.

    =: Art of Russia
        Web version of a magazine devoted to russian independent art. Excellent design.

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