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Russian Rock Music
    design : 4+/5
    content : 4+/5
The most comprehensive guide to Russian Rock Music I know of. Highly recommended.

webmaster : Kirill Mazin.

    design : 3-/5
    content : 3-/5
A historical overview of the development of russian rock music. Both Russian and English versions are available. Seems like it hasn't been updated for a while, and I have the impression that this page was a one-time effort - like a senior project or something. Anyway, worth checking out.

webmaster : tracy donovan

Russian Music Page
    design : 2-/5
    content : 4/5
Covers mostly pop music, so-called "bards", romantic songs, and so forth. Lots of sound files. Links to other russian music - related sites (classical music, folk, etc).

Home of Russian Blues
    design : 4/5
    content : 1+/5
Don't take the title literally - it is just the homepage of Russian blues guitarist Yuri Naumov. I guess, the page is of interest to his fans.

Sergey Rachmaninoff Links to Rachmaninoff Society, reviews, biography and other material.

Dmitry Shostakovich Shostakovich resource directory. Contains almost no archive material, although the collection of related links is impressive.

Am I missing something ? Let me know.

Russian Independent Music