Last updated: Nov 26, 1997

AUKTYON: official site (r)
The official site of one of the most interesting (and oldest) bands of the Russian Indie scene.

KOLIBRI unofficial page at RIM (e) | profile by vica vinogradova (e)
In my opinion, Kolibri is one of the most interesting, original, and talented bands on today's Russian scene. It is an all-female band (there are 4 vocalists), and they happened to do what thousands of others aren't able to - they created their own style. The page at RIM is in English.

MUMIY TROLL home (e,r)
Simply put, the most successful "Indie" band on today's Russian pop music landscape. The band's "public face", Ilya Lagutenko, founded M.T. in the late 80's.

NEW COMPOSERS (Novye Kompozitory) home (e)
N.C. is the leading ambient band in Russia. As far as I understand, the page is simply a promotional site for their album. here's another one: at fax

NOGU SVELO official site
These guys are definitely interesting and able to make hits and although their early records lack some attention to lyrics, the group should be at the top of the checkout list of all those who want to familiarize themselves with the Russian indie/pop scene.

TEQUILLA JAZZZ official site
Classic "jazz-core" band, formed in 1993.

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