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* February 28, 1998 ---- V.V. and Mummii Troll will do some gigs together
Ukranian post-punk band "Vopli Vidopljasova"(Vidopljasov's Wails) will continue touring with Mummii Troll - the two bands plan on playing in Moscow on April the 4th. What's funny about this is that the gig, if it happens, will mean that M.T.'s promise not to play in Moscow for 8 months is broken.

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* January 17, 1998 ---- Mummii Troll's busy schedule
"Mummii Troll" will spend the next two months touring. In March, Ilia will fly to London to produce some records. He'll be back by April : the band booked studio time for recording an album of old songs. As if this is not enough, they're also planning a huge 2.5-hour show in Vladivostok in July.

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* January 12, 1998 ---- NOM
This Friday, NOM ("Informal Youth Union", also stands for "Not Very Young") will present their new album "Euro" (Saigon Records). The show will take place at DK-Gorbunova (Moscow). The album is scheduled for official release on .. Saturday.

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