Forest Trip

17/Feb/2024 16:20:36 • Audio • 02:09

How I went to live in the woods for the weekend. Do you remember what it's like to spend time without the Internet? I realized that for the past couple of years I've literally been living in the telegram. Working from morning till night, only taking time off to eat, sleep or go to the city for my own business, but it wasn't really rest for my brain or myself. Sometimes I even have nightmares about the sounds of notifications in telegram, and I'm not kidding. All this has a very negative impact on my psychic, develops distracted attention syndrome and burnout. And after all of this, I decided it's time for social media detox for me. Last weekend I packed up with my girlfriend and went out of town for the weekend to such a horizontal apart hotel. It was super cool. For two days I spent only half an hour on social networks and we had time to go sledding, play billiards and board games. We made a snowman and walked in the pine forest and it was very cute. We also fed a cute kitty cat and wanted to take her home, but she decided that freedom is better than a warm apartment. After that I felt really rested, and even after working too much at the conference last weekend I wasn't too tired. After the trip I realized how addicted people have become to social media. Sometimes I wanted to get on my phone the same way a smoker wants a cigarette. So I decided to make taking a break from the internet such a regular practice. And I want to do it at least once a month. And I think I will go out into nature more often after that.


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