Where is home?

03/Dec/2023 17:18:45 • Audio • 01:34
Boris Alva

So, I noticed this thing yesterday, which you may or may not have experienced yourself. Just to set the scene, I'm traveling right now, and I'm actually feeling a bit under the weather. But when I arrived at my apartment, my temporary apartment, it didn't look very welcoming. The lighting was weird, the apartment was facing another building, everything was just kind of awkward, and still is, it wasn't really cozy, so I didn't feel at home. But a few days later, which was actually yesterday, I started cooking dinner, and as I usually do, I popped in a podcast that I often listen to while cooking or doing dishes, and suddenly Those familiar voices and intonations of the hosts made me feel like I was home. And I then realized that it had happened before like this, when I would become habituated to a place with the help of an arbitrary podcast or program. And I thought, you know, this was kind of weird. Has anyone ever noticed anything similar? It could very well be that I'm imagining this thing, but my hunch is that I'm not, so let me know.


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