A Few More Sentences from My Short Story Collection (#3)

30/Jan/2024 00:52:49 • Video • 01:02
Bill Hemmig

Hello again. So a few more sentences from my short story collection, Americana Stories, published by Read Furiously. Your sociology professor mentioned the Oranta in passing one day, but it was enough to send you to Wikipedia to learn more and then to recalculate the rest of your life. Now you're lying naked in a tattoo parlor having the Oranta cosmology imprinted on your body. The artist enters his task with celebration because the body art of the Central Australian Oranta is not your everyday tattoo. It is kaleidoscopic with circles and circles within circles, dots and dots within dots, tightly masked parallel lines, wandering masses filled with dots and circles and vegetation. And that's enough. Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you next time.


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