A Few More Sentences from My Short Story Collection (#4)

13/Feb/2024 01:54:28 • Video • 00:58
Bill Hemmig

Hi, this is Bill Hemig reading a few more sentences from my short story collection Americana Stories published by Read Furiously. What if none of this is real? Did the truck driver remain distracted? Was there a head-on collision back there? Am I now smashed and contorted between my dashboard and the seat, the steering wheel in my chest, the airbag smashed flat, left in unimaginable, unendurable pain? If so, my mind has shut my senses down and has chosen as a frantic grasp at endurance to put up a world around me in which I am driving home on this two-lane route number with too many suburbs and too many traffic lights and left-turning vehicles, and all of it choreographed and anticipated and tranquil. Thanks for watching. I hope to see you next time.


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