A Couple Sentences from My Short Story Collection (part 1)

19/Jan/2024 22:08:02 • Video • 01:12
Bill Hemmig

Hi, my name is Bill Hemmig, I'm an author of short fiction and for my first post here I'm going to read a couple sentences from my short story collection, Americana Stories, recently published by Read Furiously, an independent publisher. So here goes.

Dude is in fact quietly brilliant. A maverick philosophy professor who does fine woodworking as a hobby and drives around in a 69 VW bus, moss green, with seven identical Jerry Garcia bobbleheads lined up on the dashboard facing out. He never dresses up. He writes dense and hallucinatory books marrying Thoreau and Foucault that awful people in celebrity chef restaurants pretend to have read, but that I in fact have read.

And that's it for today. If you want some more information about me or my work, I have a web page at www.bucksarts.org. And I hope to see you again.


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