Influences and Influencers

05/Jan/2024 15:23:22 • Audio • 01:53
Peter H Christian

None of us were born with preconceived ideas as to who we are and what we will become. It is the influences and influencers in our lives that help mold us and establish how we think, decide, and act. We have all had great influencers in our lives. These people have helped us with our education, career, and life in general. They show us that we are not expected to know everything about everything. Together we can rely on others for help when needed. The trick is choosing the individuals right for you to rely on. This book, Influences and Influencers, is about how I, Peter Christian, a veteran business consultant and mentor, became who I am through the influence of others. This book is a reflection on what great mentorship is, what happens when it's absent, and how leadership shapes our lives. Wherever you are in your life and career, the wisdom shared in this easy-to-read book will help you to go further. I have worked for and with over 300 companies and many individuals throughout my 40-year career. I have helped them to earn or save millions of dollars and create and retain thousands of jobs. While doing so, I learned many things, both positive and negative, that helped me to form my professional approach and philosophy. In my book, Influences and Influencers, I share with you what has had an impact on my professional career and my approach to life in general. By reading and learning from my experiences, you can be what and where you want to be and whom you can depend on to help to get you there. You can find this book on Amazon or any of the other book sites. Order it today and get ready for a great read.


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