What we are building

16/Nov/2023 12:28:50 • Audio • 01:41
Boris Alva

So, now that we've got this awkward first post out of the way, I'd like to explain what it is that we're building here, but I have to preface my explanation with a disclaimer that this thing is an early-stage startup project, and it just might end up doing what's known as a pivot. That said, the way we see it right now, Gromco is a low-barrier tool for publishing interactive short-form podcast-y content. Let me try to unpack those three things. The most important of them is interactive, and what it means is that each post, or an episode if you like, can, and should, invite audience feedback, ideally using the same medium – for example, voice. So this is the reply button that you see everywhere. Short-form, well, that's pretty self-explanatory, we just don't envision people posting long content, and podcast-y means that it's kind of like podcasting, but with audience participation. So we'll make this thing compatible with legacy players, like Apple and Spotify, we'll do it through the magic of RSS, and so people will be able to consume your Gromco voice blog using those apps. But crucially, you don't need to know much about these technical underpinnings, you don't need to know much about RSS, or even podcasting to start. If you can speak into a microphone and press a button, you're in. So hopefully this makes things clearer, if not, the reply button is right there.


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