The Dreaded Week-end

29/Jan/2024 13:39:27 • Video • 01:42
Doug Lawrence

Well, good morning. I thought I'd post this early this morning before I take off and head off to Sask Polytech to speak to the HR class on mental health. And it kind of triggered something that I felt I needed to do, which was to talk a little bit about the dreaded weekend. And what I mean by that is we're coming up to three years since Debra passed and out of, aside from her not being here, the other part is the aspect of the weekends was when we used to do so much together. That was our together time. We would visit the grandchildren, we would visit friends, we would do all sorts of exciting things, but we did that together. And that's what's missing for me today. And that's why if somebody says, you know, how was your weekend? I typically will tell people that it was all right, but it's not my favorite time of the week. And that's simply just because there is a piece of it missing a key integral part of it being my happy time, which was the time that I would spend with Debra. So for those of you that are going through the grieving process, I'm sure some of you will be able to echo my thoughts and feelings. And in any event, I hope that you have a great week and may God bless.


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