A Few More Sentences from My Short Story Collection (#2)

23/Jan/2024 00:49:21 • Video • 01:13
Bill Hemmig

Hi, so once again here are a few sentences from my short story collection, Americana Stories published by Read Furiously.

The glow in the wall forms itself into a young girl with a permanent scowl. She is the heroine, inappropriate label for such a negative creature, of get me out of this family, except that she's human, not ink and watercolor, and looks a lot like Emily circa age 10. She glares at Kevin and speaks to him at length. He can't hear her because of the sitcom theme songs that are now running amok, snatches of both of them flow together with a faster tempo, tin ticka tin ticka tin, and they keep modulating into the relative minor and back again, as if the themes are mocking each other. The sour girl must know that she can't be heard because suddenly she's wearing a backpack and brightly colored comment blocks start popping out of it. With each one, she soundlessly speaks the words and jabs a dinner fork in my direction. Get me out of this family.

Okay, thanks for watching.


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