What's Up ?
July 30, 1997 : I need volunteers / contributors. All credits will be given. We can discuss more details. Email me (adress removed)

December 24, 1996 : What used to be called "DNEVNIK" has re-emerged as a new separate web page - you can find it at this location. The page is completely unrelated to RIM - it's actually a collection of notes about CDs I am buying and other things like that. KOI-8 only at this time. I'll be adding new stuff to Kolibri homepage soon - stay tuned! Finally, happy X-mas.

September 22, 1996 : Random Sound Archive was updated and restructured. I also added a couple of new soundfiles - Kolibri and Strange Games.

September 15, 1996 : Ok, here's what happened : I updated and moved Kolibri's Page to a new location. As always, check the News and Messages. Actually, I am not going to post this in "WHAT'S UP?" section anymore... Just check back periodically. I am in the process of setting up an appointment for the next interview. With whom ? I'm not going to tell you until we do it.

August 24, 1996 : Tradionally, a couple of messages in the Message Zone plus a bit of news in News, Gossip And Rumors. New links added to Russian Indie Art.

August 11, 1996 : Not much. I added new links to Russian Indie Art (under "OffTopic"), Indices (under "Indie-X") and updated some info about Club Life in Moscow (yet more is expected).

August 4, 1996 : Weekly report. A new message in the Message Zone, another couple of bands added to Who Is Who. Finally, a piece of news appeared on the News, Gossip and Rumors page.

July 24, 1996 : Once again, I re-shuffled "Indie-X" a little bit. A new article was linked to the "InterNet Articles" archive. Also, a new message appeared on the " Message Zone" bulletin board today. A couple of bands were added to the "Who Is Who" list.

May 2, 1996 : Some new soundfiles in Random Sound Archive.
Russian Indie Music